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Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit 8pcs


Elevate your outdoor dining with the Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit 8pcs. Compact and versatile, this eco-friendly kit has all you need to prep, cook, and enjoy meals outdoors. Made of 100% BPA-free Biobased plastic, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Product Description

Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit 8pcs: Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Companion

When it comes to outdoor dining, simplicity, and functionality are key. With the Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit 8pcs, you have everything you need to prepare and enjoy your meals, neatly nested together in one compact package. This eight-piece kit is thoughtfully designed with multiple functions in mind, making outdoor cooking not just feasible, but fun!

Every component of the kit, from the cutting board and strainer to the plate and bowl, serves a specific purpose. It also includes the legendary Spork in sizes Original and Little, as well as the timeless, Scandinavian-designed Swedish Kåsa. This comprehensive kit simplifies food storage, making it smart and safe for all your outdoor adventures.

What’s more, the stackable pieces are securely held together with a strap-harness for easy transport. Made from 100% BPA free Biobased plastic, this kit is not only eco-friendly but also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Whether you’re planning to cook a three-course meal in the woods, refuel on a hike, or simply enjoy lunch in style, the Outdoor MealKit 8pcs has you covered. Made in Sweden, this kit offers a perfect blend of practicality and sustainability. Check out the Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit 8pcs and bring a new level of convenience to your outdoor dining experiences.

Tech Specs

  • StackLid:
    • Measurement: 195x185x25 mm (7.68×7.28×0.98 inches)
    • Weight: 70 g (2.469 oz)
  • StackBowl:
    • Measurement: 195x185x45 mm (7.68×7.28×1.77 inches)
    • Weight: 89 g (3.139 oz)
  • Swedish Kåsa:
    • Measurement: 120x120x55 mm (4.72×4.72×2.16 inches)
    • Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz)
  • Spork Orginal:
    • Measurement: 170x38x10 mm (6.69×1.50×0.39 inches)
    • Weight: 11 g (0.388 oz)
  • Spork Little:
    • Measurement: 140x30x8 mm (5.51×1.18×0.31 inches)
    • Weight: 9 g (0.317 oz)
  • SnapBox Orginal:
    • Measurement: 110x110x40 mm (4.331×4.331×1.575 inches)
    • Weight: 40 g (1.411 oz)
  • Cutting Board Plus:
    • Measurement: 160x150x3 mm (6.299×5.906×0.118 inches)
    • Weight: 48.8 g (1.721 oz)
  • Harness:
    • Measurement: 170x150x5 mm (6.693×5.906×0.197 inches)
    • Weight: 22 g (0.776 oz)
  • Material: Ecozen – a biomass-based transparent copolyester with high heat resistance. This BPA-free material is sourced from European GMO-free corn starch.

Package Includes:

  • 1x StackBowl (30.4 oz/900 ml)
  • 1x StackLid (16.9 oz/500 ml)
  • 1x Swedish Kåsa (10 oz/ 300 ml)
  • 1x Spork Orginal
  • 1x Spork Little
  • 1x SnapBox Original (5.7 oz/170 ml)
  • 1x Cutting Board Plus
  • 1x Harness


Light My Fire

Light-my-Fire’s journey began in 1995 when founder Michael Odqvist discovered MayaSticks, a natural fire-starting method made from waste pine tree stumps in Guatemala. By introducing fair trade production, Michael empowered 400 Mayan descendants to earn more income for their families and education. In 1996, Light-my-Fire combined MayaSticks with a Swedish military magnesium igniter called the Swedish FireSteel, establishing a factory in Sweden.

The company’s first product, the MealKit, designed by Joachim Nordwall, debuted in 2005 and featured innovative dining accessories, notably the Spork. The Spork family has since expanded, with over 50 million sold worldwide, helping Light-my-Fire distribute its colorful and functional outdoor products in 50 countries. Today, the company continues to thrive by embracing quality, design, functionality, and outdoor enthusiasm, reflected in its vibrant product range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials is the Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit made from?

The Outdoor Mealkit is made from Ecozen, a biomass-based transparent copolyester. This material is heat-resistant and BPA-free. The biomass is sourced from GMO-free corn starch in Europe. This makes the kit safe for food and drink, and also good for the environment as it is derived from renewable resources.

Is the Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit microwave safe?

Yes, the components of the Outdoor Mealkit are microwave safe. However, always remember to remove the lid before microwaving and avoid overheating the food which can damage the material.

Is the Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit dishwasher safe?

Yes, all components of the Outdoor Mealkit are dishwasher safe. This makes it easy to clean after use, whether you're at home or at a campsite with facilities.

How many people can the Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit 8pcs serve?

The Outdoor Mealkit is designed as a single-person meal kit, but it's versatile enough to share small meals or snacks if needed.

How compact is the Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit when packed up?

The Outdoor Mealkit is designed to nest together when not in use, creating a compact package for easy transportation. The harness included in the kit ensures that all the components stay together and makes it easy to pack and carry.

What are the uses of the different pieces in the Light My Fire Outdoor Mealkit?

The kit is designed to cover all aspects of an outdoor meal. It includes a StackBowl and StackLid for food storage and serving, a Swedish Kåsa for drinking, Spork Original and Spork Little for eating, a SnapBox Original for additional storage or serving, and a Cutting Board Plus for food preparation. All these components are held together by a harness for easy transport.

Can I use the Spork to cook with?

The Spork is made of the same durable material as the rest of the kit and can withstand high temperatures. It can be used for simple cooking tasks, but it's not designed to replace a full set of cooking utensils.

What is the capacity of the containers in the Outdoor Mealkit?

The StackBowl has a capacity of 30.4 oz/900 ml, the StackLid can hold 16.9 oz/500 ml, the Swedish Kåsa can contain 10 oz/300 ml, and the SnapBox Original has a capacity of 5.7 oz/170 ml. This makes the kit versatile for different types of meals and portion sizes.