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Nite Ize designs and manufactures mobile device accessories, powerful and tactical LED flaeshlights, LED visibility and safety products, LED toys and games, and LED pet products. The company was founded in 1989 and its headquarters is located in Colorado, USA.


Rick Case, CEO of Nite Ize, developed the company’s first product in the late 1980s while a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. When he was out and about like he was cross-country skiing before dawn, he often found he didn’t have free hands to hold a flashlight. He used tape and a rubber band to attach the Maglite to his head. That’s when his own light bulb went on—literally and figuratively. As a result, Case and his friends sewed hundreds of accessories compatible with the flashlights and sold them to local retailers. “I realized I had a viable business in 1991,” Case says, “when REI agreed to sell the headband.”