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DD Hammocks, founded by Nick Vansittart, is a British company based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Their products have a global presence and are utilized by various organizations, including bushcraft schools, jungle training programs, and featured in TV survival shows.
Nick's inspiration for DD Hammocks came during his extensive travels, where he sought a lightweight and compact camping solution. He discovered hammocks that offered the ideal combination of weight savings and comfort, especially compared to traditional tents. Nick's quest for the perfect hammock led him to create his own Camping Hammock, combining essential camping features like wind and bug protection with a lightweight, compact, comfortable, and affordable design. In 2005, he officially established DD Hammocks as his brand, offering innovative solutions for outdoor enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to hammock camping. What do I need to get started?

To begin your hammock camping adventure, you'll need two fundamental pieces of gear: a hammock of your choice and a tarp to provide protection from the elements. It's worth noting that all our hammocks come pre-fitted with suspension cord, and some even include bug nets, so you'll have everything you need to start your hammock camping journey right away. You can find everything you need to know in The Beginners Guide to Hammock Camping.

Are DD products compatible with products from other brands?

DD Hammocks designs its products to work seamlessly within the DD Hammocks range. While there is no guarantee that DD products will fit perfectly with items from other brands due to variations in style, size, and dimensions, some DD products, such as our insulation range, are more adaptable and may be compatible with a wider range of gear from different brands.

Are hammocks ready to use, or do they require assembling?

Hammocks are ready to use straight out of the box! They come pre-fitted with a complete suspension kit or webbing, depending on the model. The only additional components you might need to complete your setup are a tarp for weather protection and, if necessary, some insulation for added comfort.

Are DD Hammocks easy to set up?

DD Hammocks are incredibly easy to set up. They come fully assembled, and you can tie your hammock to a tree in a similar manner to how you tie your shoelaces!

Do I need any additional items?

Not necessarily. Your hammock and tarp provide a fairly complete setup on their own. However, we do offer a range of accessories in our shop that can make hammock camping even more convenient.

Is hammock camping comfortable?

Many customers around the world, as well as ourselves, find hammocks to be more comfortable than sleeping on flat ground. This comfort is attributed to the fact that a hammock 'cradles' you and moves with you as you sleep. For the most comfortable sleeping position, we recommend suspending the foot end of your hammock slightly higher and sleeping on the diagonal to achieve a flatter and more comfortable lie.

Are all hammocks waterproof?

None of the hammocks are designed to provide protection from heavy rain. While the Travel Hammock does have a waterproof base, it is primarily intended to allow camping in a bivy-style setup on damp ground. We have chosen not to enclose hammocks in waterproof material for various reasons, as we believe it's not a practical approach for hammock camping.

Is a DD Hammock suitable for use as a 2-person hammock?

No, we do not recommend using a DD Hammock for more than one person, as they are not designed for multi-person use. Even if the combined weight does not exceed the 125kg limit, the hammock's base is not wide and flat enough to prevent two people from rolling into the center, which can be potentially dangerous.

Which hammock is recommended for someone in the Armed Forces or on a jungle training exercise?

In locations that are very hot or dense with mosquitoes, the Frontline Hammock offers the best all-round system as it is minimal, breathable, and 100% insect-proof. If you'd prefer a system with removable components, see the Superlight Jungle Hammock.

Are DD Tarps ready to use, or do they require assembling?

DD Tarps come ready to use! Each tarp includes 4 guy lines and pegs, making it easy to set them up in basic configurations without the need for additional assembly.

Do DD tarps come with a ridge line?

No, DD tarps do not come with a ridge line included. However, you can purchase ridge line cord separately from our store, or alternatively, you can use any type of nylon rope or paracord that you may already have. We offer the option to add cord to your order if needed, but many tarp users often have cord readily available.