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Light My Fire MyCup’n Lid Original – Your eco-friendly, portable, and stackable drinking cup. Designed in Sweden from BPA-free biobased plastic, with a tight-fitting lid for on-the-go sipping. Microwave and dishwasher safe for convenience.

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Product Description

Light My Fire MyCup’n Lid Original: The Ultimate Eco-friendly, Portable Drinking Cup

The Light My Fire MyCup’n Lid Original is your ultimate companion for all of life’s moments, big and small. Designed in Sweden, this lightweight, portable drinking cup is as practical as it is eco-friendly. Made from 100% food-approved, BPA-free biobased plastic, it is safe for you and kind to the environment.

The sturdy and stable design of this cup, combined with its tight-fitting lid and sip & straw hole, makes it perfect for take-out drinks on-the-move, picnics, parties, or your daily hydration needs. Its size adheres to the barista standard, so it’s ideally suited for your favourite coffee shop pick-me-up.

Not only is the MyCup’n Lid Original functional, but it’s also convenient. It is stackable, making it easy to store, and is both dishwasher and microwave safe, simplifying your cleaning and heating needs. So, whether you’re a busy professional, an adventurous outdoor enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys a good beverage, the Light My Fire MyCup’n Lid Original is made for you. Enjoy life’s moments with this best-designed, eco-friendly cup, crafted for fun, for life, and for you.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 85x85x111 mm / 3.35×3.35×4.37 inches
  • Weight: 75.9 g / 2.68 oz
  • Capacity: 360 ml / 12.2 oz
  • Material: Made from Terralene, 96% biobased plastic from certified sugar cane (Bonsucro, ISCC, and PEFC certified)
  • Manufactured in Sweden



Light My Fire

Light-my-Fire’s journey began in 1995 when founder Michael Odqvist discovered MayaSticks, a natural fire-starting method made from waste pine tree stumps in Guatemala. By introducing fair trade production, Michael empowered 400 Mayan descendants to earn more income for their families and education. In 1996, Light-my-Fire combined MayaSticks with a Swedish military magnesium igniter called the Swedish FireSteel, establishing a factory in Sweden.

The company’s first product, the MealKit, designed by Joachim Nordwall, debuted in 2005 and featured innovative dining accessories, notably the Spork. The Spork family has since expanded, with over 50 million sold worldwide, helping Light-my-Fire distribute its colorful and functional outdoor products in 50 countries. Today, the company continues to thrive by embracing quality, design, functionality, and outdoor enthusiasm, reflected in its vibrant product range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Light My Fire MyCup'n Lid Original BPA-free?

Yes, the MyCup'n Lid Original is made of Terralene, a biobased plastic derived from sugar cane. It's BPA-free and safe for food and drink consumption.

Can I microwave the Light My Fire MyCup'n Lid Original?

Yes, the MyCup'n Lid Original is microwave safe. It's designed to be versatile and user-friendly, perfect for hot beverages on the go.

Can the MyCup'n Lid Original be washed in the dishwasher?

Absolutely, the MyCup'n Lid Original is dishwasher safe, making it convenient for daily use.

Is the cup leakproof?

The MyCup'n Lid Original comes with a tight-fitting lid that includes a sip & straw hole. While it's designed to prevent most spills, it's not entirely leakproof and should be kept upright when filled with liquid.

What is the capacity of the MyCup'n Lid Original?

The MyCup'n Lid Original can hold up to 360 ml or 12.2 oz of liquid, making it the perfect size for your favorite beverages.

What does "barista standard size" mean?

Barista standard size" refers to the standard size of coffee cups used in cafes and coffee shops. This means the MyCup'n Lid Original will fit most coffee machines and espresso makers, perfect for your take-out drinks.

What is the MyCup'n Lid Original made from?

The cup is made from 96% Terralene, a bio-based plastic derived from sugar cane, which is Bonsucro, ISCC, and PEFC certified. This makes the cup eco-friendly and sustainable.

Is it suitable for cold drinks as well?

Yes, the Light My Fire MyCup'n Lid Original is suitable for both hot and cold beverages, making it a versatile choice for all your drinking needs.