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Heat-it Arctic Rescue Hypothermia Blanket


The Arctic Rescue Hypothermia Blanket is a useful tool for anyone who spends time in cold environments and wants to be prepared for emergencies, particularly those involving hypothermia.

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Product Description

Heat-it Arctic Rescue Hypothermia Blanket

The Hypothermia Blanket is another product in the Heat-it Arctic Rescue line, designed to provide warmth and shelter in cold environments. This product is specifically designed to help prevent and treat hypothermia, which is a medical emergency that occurs when a person’s body temperature drops below normal due to exposure to cold weather.

The Hypothermia Blanket is made of a lightweight, waterproof, and windproof material that helps to trap body heat and protect against the elements. It is also designed to be highly visible in low-light conditions, with bright orange coloring.

  • A compact design that can be easily carried in a backpack or other gear, and instructions for proper use.
  • Outer lining: soft taffee fabric (same as space deck)
  • Inside: Surface fabric red 100% siliconized Polyester with quilted 10 x 10 cm with ISOSOFT 34 / 100 g rim. Very good thermal insulation performance.

Tech Specs

  • Color: orange
  • Material: Outer lining Taffeta / inner 100% siliconized polyester / lining Isosoft 34 wadding
  • Dimensions: 150 cm x 250 cm
  • Machine washable (40 ˚C)
  • Made in Finland