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Fiskars Utility Knife K40


Knife for hobbyists. Plastic handle with finger protection that is ergonomically designed. 100 mm long stainless steel blade

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Product Description

Fiskars Utility Knife K40

The Fiskars Utility Knife K40 is a multi-purpose utility knife that has a plastic sheath to protect both the blade and the user while not in use. This knife has an ergonomically designed plastic handle with a finger protection, making it an easy all-purpose knife to use. The stainless steel blade of this multi-purpose knife is 100mm in length.

  • Universal knife, plastic sheath
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic handle with finger protection
  • Stainless steel blade, length 100 mm



Fiskars Group, a Finnish company founded in 1649 in the village of Fiskars, is Finland’s oldest continuously operating company. Its headquarters are in Helsinki’s Arabianranta. Fiskars initially focused on iron production and later expanded into cutlery manufacturing in 1832. The company played a significant role in Finnish agriculture and became known for its high-quality farm and household machines.

Fiskars’ international expansion began with a scissor factory in the United States, leading to the iconic orange-handled scissors. In the 2000s, the company shifted its focus to consumer products and made strategic acquisitions, including Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, and the WWRD group, which owns luxury home and lifestyle brands.

Since 2008, Fiskars has been committed to sustainable development, aiming to provide alternatives to the throwaway culture. The company is actively combating disposable culture and pursuing carbon neutrality in the coming years as part of its dedication to climate action.