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Fiskars Group is a Finnish company. The company’s roots are in the village of Fiskars, where it was founded in 1649. The company is Finland’s oldest still operating company, and its head office is in Helsinki’s Arabianranta, Finland. It is also one of the oldest companies in the world.


Since its founding, Fiskars has focused on iron production. The company later founded Finland’s first cutlery factory in 1832, when production expanded from previous knives to forks and scissors. Fiskars also had a significant impact on the development of Finnish agriculture, and the Fiskars plow workshop produced more than a million plows in its time. Fiskars became known for its farm and household machines and the Fiskars name became synonymous with high quality.


The actual expansion of Fiskars started with the establishment of a scissor factory in the United States. It has created a foundation for international trade, growing markets and valuable commercial and professional experience. Orange-handled scissors are indeed one of Fiskars’ best-known products, and the company has registered the orange color of the scissors in Finland, the United States and Canada.


In the 2000s, the Fiskars Group has focused on consumer products and grown through acquisitions. The purchase of Iittala in 2007 strengthened the Fiskars group’s position in the kitchenware market. The purchase of Royal Copenhagen in 2013 supplemented the dining offer with fine hand-painted porcelain and strengthened the company in the Nordics and Asia. In 2015, Fiskars acquired the WWRD group of companies and its portfolio of iconic luxury home and lifestyle brands, including Waterford, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert and Rogaška.


Since 2008, Fiskars has been continuously developing towards a focused and efficient consumer goods company, for which the principles of sustainable development are important. The company wants to offer inspiring, meaningful, disruptive alternatives  the throwaway culture. It fights against disposable culture and takes climate action seriously. The company intends to become a carbon-neutral business in the coming years.