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Woolly Wolf Rope Leash 10mm

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Looking for a durable and eco-friendly leash for your furry companion? The Woolly Wolf Rope Leash 10mm is perfect for outdoor adventures. Made with verified recycled PET material and durable kernmantle nylon core, it comes with a high-quality aluminium carabiner with twist-lock mechanism for added safety. Get yours now!

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Product Description

Woolly Wolf Rope Leash 10mm: Lightweight, Durable, and Eco-Friendly

Looking for a lightweight and durable rope leash for your furry companion? Look no further than the Woolly Wolf Rope Leash 10mm! Made with 100% recycled polyester (RPET) shell fabric and durable kernmantle nylon core, this leash is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also comes with a light-weight aluminium twist-lock carabiner (weighing only 22g) for added safety. The leash is flexible and dynamic, providing a nice stretch or “soft catch” when your dog jumps after something interesting.

With a full product weight of 128g, this leash has been durability tested and is built to last. Plus, with its delicious colors, you can easily match it with your fur color or with your human companion’s outdoor gear. So, get out there and look awesome with the Woolly Wolf Rope Leash 10mm!

Tech Specs

  • Diameter: 10 mm
  • Length: 180 cm
  • Full product weight: 128g


Woolly Wolf

Woolly Wolf is a brand on a mission to redefine the world of dog gear with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Their dedication to eco-friendly practices is evident in their use of recycled materials as the primary ingredient in their products. As the global dog population continues to grow, Woolly Wolf recognizes the increasing importance of making environmentally responsible choices for our furry family members. By incorporating recycled materials into their designs, Woolly Wolf not only creates durable and stylish gear for dogs but also minimizes their impact on the planet.

The brand’s founder, Maria, embarked on this journey by handcrafting the very first rope leash for her dog, Yoda, using an old climbing rope in 2016. This initial inspiration led to the creation of the Woolly Wolf collection, conceived during Maria’s travels across Europe in her self-converted van. The Rope Leash, a flagship product, is engineered with a robust and slightly flexible kernmantle core, similar to climbing ropes, ensuring both strength and comfort for dogs during various activities. Woolly Wolf’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and circularity is woven into the fabric of their business, driving them forward as they strive to equip modern wolves with the finest recycled gear for outdoor adventures, from urban strolls to wilderness expeditions.