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Waterproof Emergency Card


Step-by-step instructions in the event of a drowning incident in a durable, portable format. The emergency card and its guidelines provide the necessary security and assistance in the unlikely event of a stressful situation. Always bring along.

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Product Description

Waterproof Emergency Card

We developed these emergency instructions for drowning accidents in collaboration with Dr. Hohn and DRK Wasserwacht Fläming-Spreewald. If the most stressful situation ever occurs, the card and its guidelines provide the necessary security and mental assistance. The instruction is up to date in terms of a simple, clear, and effective procedure for accidents in water environments up to resuscitation (respiratory / cardiac massage).

The waterproof, robust card should always be carried with you, for example, on the life jacket, as a basic piece of equipment for any water enthusiast. An eyelet can also be added to the card (by means of a standard punch).

It is not a substitute for appropriate training!

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 9cm x 14cm

Weight: 3g

Material: synthetic paper (tear and water restistant)