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Voyager Mashed Potatoes with Freeze-Dried Ham 190g


Delicious and convenient. Perfect for adventurers. 1029 kcal per serving. Quick and easy preparation.

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Product Description

Perfect for adventurous families and generous appetites! Whether you’re a boater, mountaineer, or hiker, this ham purée dish is your ideal companion for weekend outings. Packed with real pieces of freeze-dried ham and delicious cheese, it’s a freeze-dried menu suitable for both children and adults.

The meal comes in a convenient resealable bag, ensuring freshness and portability.

Energy Intake: Each serving provides a hearty 1029 calories to keep you energized.

Ease of Use: Preparing this meal is a breeze, taking only 5 to 8 minutes. Thanks to the water graduation inside the bag, the process is made even easier.

Tech Specs

Nutritional Content (100g):

  • Dry weight (gr): 190
  • Rehydrated weight (gr): 640
  • Energy value (Kcal): 541 and 1029
  • Energy value (KJ): 2257 and 4289
  • Fat (gr /100g): 34 and 64
  • Of which saturated fatty acids (g): 8 and 16
  • Carbohydrates (gr /100g): 37 and 70
  • Of which sugars (g): 1 and 2
  • Protein (g): 21 and 40
  • Salt (gr /100g): 3 and 4.9



Voyager is a French company specializing in the production of outdoor meals. The freeze-dried ingredients for their meals are sourced as close to their headquarters in Gascognes as possible.
These practical and lightweight outdoor meals come in packaging that takes up minimal space. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, the ingredients retain their nutritional value, ensuring long shelf life without the need for added preservatives. In varying natural conditions, these meals can be prepared using either cold or hot water.
Voyager offers a versatile range of meals designed to meet the nutritional needs of every adventure seeker, whether you’re a hiker, desert marathon enthusiast, or a sailor!