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Voyager Couscous with Chicken


‘Voyager’ created this Couscous meal that rehydrates with water, is low in fat, and high in proteins and carbohydrates. This dish allows you to carry light, making it ideal for hiking adventures.

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Product Description

Voyager Couscous with Chicken

This slightly spicy freeze-dried North African meal has semolina, chicken, and a mix of veggies. This is a 'Voyager' best seller, being lightweight (just 80 g before adding water). When participating in outdoor activities such as sailing, it is extremely easy to pack and carry.This high-protein, low-fat meal is simple to prepare thanks to the bag zipper closure, which lets the food stand for a while until it is ready to eat.
  • A popular and best-selling freeze-dried meal among consumers.
  • Serve this meal with a starter or dessert, such as the same-brand fruit salad.
  • Try using the flameless heater in self-heating mode and rehydrating the meal with cold water to be virtually self-sufficient in terms of food.