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Modestone Waterproof Booklet 148 x 96 mm


A Booklet that withstands water, dirt, grease, abrasion and folding

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Product Description

Modestone Waterproof Booklet148 x 96 mm

Water, dirt, grease, abrasion, and folding resistant media. There is no need for special pens, though non-water soluble pens are recommended! Modestone takes care of your work and keeps your notes tidy whether you work in buildings, security, government, water, woods, a farm, a professional kitchen, or bird watching, geocaching, refereeing, patrolling, or anything where water occasionally comes from the sky, a faucet, or the sea.

Modestone is made of rock paper that does not absorb water or dirt: you can immerse Modestone in water for up to two weeks and when dry it is as good as new – the sides do not tear or stick together, and your notes are safe. Modestone paper is also non-flammable and does not cause paper wounds. The writing surface is silky soft as well.

Other products for a similar purpose are either coated paper, which absorbs water if exposed to water for a longer period of time, or plastic, which in practice requires special pens to work. If a pen is not available, you can write on Modestone paper with a home key or a bullet point if necessary.

Modestone is a key flag product manufactured in Finland. The product’s main raw material is lime powder, a byproduct of lime mines: 80 percent of Modestone paper is lime and 20 percent is combustible recycled PE plastic. Modestone appears to be plain paper at first glance, but it is not – you must try it for yourself!

Tech Specs

Height: 148 mm
Width: 96 mm
Weight (net): 0.08 kg




Modestone is a company founded by Kalle Kinnunen that specializes in producing waterproof notebooks. These notebooks, made from stone paper, have the remarkable quality of being completely impervious to water. Their pages don’t absorb water, ensuring your notes stay safe even in wet conditions. Furthermore, the pages do not tear or stick together, providing a reliable and durable writing surface.
Modestone notebooks are proudly manufactured in Finland and hold the Avainlippu certification, signifying their commitment to domestic production. The primary raw material used in Modestone paper is calcium carbonate powder, a byproduct of limestone mining, with 80% of the paper consisting of calcium and 20% of combustible recycled PE plastic. This eco-friendly approach aligns with sustainable practices, making Modestone notebooks an excellent choice for those seeking both durability and environmental responsibility in their stationery.