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Stay stylish and sustainable with the Vai-Ko Timberjack Pom Beanie. Made of 100% organic merino wool, it’s bluesign and G.O.T.S certified for sustainability. Featuring a pom and Finnish birch plywood button, it’s the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value both fashion and functionality.

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Product Description

Vai-Ko Timberjack Pom Beanie: Iconic Merino Wool Knit with Birch Plywood Button

Looking for a high-quality beanie that combines style and functionality? Look no further than the Vai-Ko Timberjack Pom Beanie! This iconic beanie with a pom is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who value sustainability and comfort.

Crafted from thick quintuble merino wool knit with triple folds, this beanie is the ultimate insulator that can protect you from the cold while also keeping you cool in warmer weather. Thanks to its extreme softness and lightweight feel, you won’t experience any itching or discomfort while wearing it.

But the benefits of the Vai-Ko Timberjack Pom Beanie don’t end there. It’s made of 100% organic merino wool that’s Bluesign and G.O.T.S. certified, making it one of the most sustainable wool products available. Not only is it free from harmful chemicals, but it’s also naturally antibacterial and odor-free.

The beanie is also responsibly made in Finland, using Finnish birch plywood buttons and locally produced materials. The production process also includes waste recycling, water emission control, and strict environmental regulations to minimize the impact on the planet.

So, if you’re looking for a beanie that’s ready for any adventure while also being stylish and sustainable, choose the Vai-Ko Timberjack Pom Beanie. It offers a long lifecycle, premium materials and craftsmanship, and is easy to recycle and biodegradable. Stay warm, dry, and odor-free with this top-quality merino wool knit beanie with a pom and birch plywood button.



VAI-KØ is a Finnish brand specializing in eco-friendly and ethically produced merino wool beanies and accessories. Their products are crafted using high-quality eco-merino wool with both Bluesign and GOTS certifications. The wool is processed and dyed in Europe, and the products are manufactured in Finland.

The name VAI-KØ derives from the Finnish word “vaiko,” which means “alternative” or “choice.” VAI-KØ aims to provide an alternative that is responsible and respects nature. By using the best sustainable and eco-friendly materials and collaborating with ethically sound manufacturers, they ensure consumers receive high-quality and ethically produced products.