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100% Merino wool exterior with soft polyester lining, featuring ear flaps and drawstrings. Versatile for various activities, worn by adventurer Vegard Ulvang to the South Pole.

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Product Description

Bugøynes Hat: 100% Merino Wool with Soft Lining – Popular for 20+ Years

The Bugøynes hat, popular for over 20 years, is favored by many from Lindesnes to Knivskjellodden. Externally, it’s crafted from 100% Merino wool, while the inside boasts a soft polyester pile lining. The hat features a relaxed fit, ear flaps, drawstrings, and a brim, making it versatile for activities ranging from snow shoveling and dog-walking to more rigorous endeavors. Notably, adventurer Vegard Ulvang wore it to the South Pole.

  • Bestselling hat for the last 20 years
  • Wear for any activity: Shuffling snow, walking the dog, commuting, or to the South Pole – like Vegard Ulvang
  • Bugøynes has faithful owners from Lindesnes in the south to Knivskjellodden in the north
  • Extra warmth and comfort from the soft polyester pile inside

Tech Specs

  • Made for: Multi Activity
  • Fabric Content: Outer: 100% Merino wool. Inner lining: 100% polyester pile.
  • Country of origin: P.R. of China
  • Size range: 56-60
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Season: All Year



Ulvang is a renowned Norwegian outdoor brand known for its high-quality and sustainable products. Founded by Olympic gold medalist Vegard Ulvang, the brand offers a range of outdoor clothing and accessories, with a focus on using premium materials like Merino wool for moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, and durability. Ulvang is committed to environmental responsibility, sponsors outdoor athletes and events, and continues to innovate in its product offerings. It’s a trusted choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable and eco-conscious gear.