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UCO Cover Cocoon for Original and Mini


It protects your lantern with an impact-resistant neoprene sheath, preventing scratches, dents, and glass breaking during travel.

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Product Description

UCO Cover Cocoon for Original and Mini

Use the UCO Cocoon to protect your investment. It protects your lantern from dents, scratches, and glass breakage during travel by wrapping it in a sheath of impact-resistant neoprene. It completely encloses the lantern and slides on without the use of zippers or snaps. It also provides ¼” of padding all the way around the lantern.



UCO, a company that has been designing candle lanterns since 1971, manufactures ignition and outdoor equipment.

The original candle lantern, still available in their product range, along with their stormproof ignition tools, assists individuals in surviving even the most challenging outdoor conditions.

UCO also promotes campfire safety by offering fire-making courses to adventurers.