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Durable and waterproof gaiters for snowshoeing, hiking, and outdoor activities. Protects shoes from dirt and snow, while keeping pants safe. Easy to put on with a full-length zipper. Made from wear-resistant 420D polyamide material. Ideal for any adventure.

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Product Description

TSL Outdoor Trek Gaiter Black: Protective Gaiters for Snowshoeing and Hiking

Prepare for your snowy adventures with the TSL Outdoor Trek Gaiter Black. These gaiters provide essential protection for your shoes and pants, keeping dirt, snow, and debris at bay. Designed as a universal model, they offer a secure fit and are ideal for various outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, hiking, and more.

Putting on and adjusting the gaiters is a breeze, thanks to the front full-length zipper with a protective flap. This feature ensures quick and hassle-free wearing, allowing you to focus on your outdoor pursuits. The gaiters are crafted from a highly durable 420D polyamide material with a waterproof polyurethane coating. This combination provides excellent resistance to wear and tear, making them reliable companions for your outdoor adventures.

One standout feature of the TSL Outdoor Trek Gaiter is the special material used for the sole strap. Designed to be gentle on your shoe soles, it prevents unnecessary wear and tear while maintaining a secure fit. This thoughtful detail adds to the longevity of both the gaiters and your favorite outdoor footwear.

Don’t let dirt, snow, or rough terrain hinder your outdoor experiences. Equip yourself with the TSL Outdoor Trek Gaiter Black and enjoy enhanced protection and durability. Whether you’re snowshoeing through pristine landscapes or embarking on a challenging hike, these gaiters have got you covered. Choose reliability and performance with the TSL Outdoor Trek Gaiter Black.

Size Charts

Size M: Suitable for shoes in the range of 35-43. Gaiter height is 38 cm, and the approximate weight per pair is 250 g.
Size L: Designed for shoes in the range of 38-49. Gaiter height is 40 cm, and the approximate weight per pair is 300 g.
Size XL: Intended for shoes in the range of 42-52. Gaiter height is 44 cm, and the approximate weight per pair is 340 g.



Snowshoes, a tool invented over 10,000 years ago, distributed body weight effectively on snow using wooden frames and leather straps.
In 1981, TSL revolutionized snowshoes by crafting them from plastic, introducing the JCB model for recreation and sports.
The ’90s saw the birth of technically advanced snowshoes with the 225 RANDO, featuring an articulating binding, comfort, and firm foot support.
In the 2000s, TSL’s innovations and improvements, like the Step-In and Up & Down System, made snowshoeing accessible worldwide, even fostering snowshoe racing competitions.
2013 brought the SYMBIOZ model, a groundbreaking snowshoe that adapts to terrain, allowing for a more natural walking experience.
In 2016, TSL expanded into pole manufacturing, emphasizing innovation, quality, and sustainability.
As TSL celebrates its 20th year in 2021, they remain committed to nature, eco-design, innovation, and quality, forging their own unique path with their customers in the spirit of adventure.