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  • Photo Johannes Poignant (www.johannespoignant.se)
  • Photo Johannes Poignant (www.johannespoignant.se)
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Trangia Stove 25-5 HA

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The TRANGIA STOVE 25 LARGE is a larger stove that is ideal for 3-4 people. The series 25 stoves come with two 1.75 and 1.5 liter saucepans, a frying pan, a windscreen (upper and lower section), a burner, a handle, and a strap.

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Product Description

Trangia Stove 25-5 HA

The TRANGIA STOVE 25 LARGE is Trangia’s larger stove, which is ideal for 3–4 people. All of the Series 25 stoves come complete with a frying pan, two saucepans measuring 1.75 and 1.5 liters, an upper and lower windshield, a burner, a handle, and a strap.

The collection includes a number of complete combinations with different materials in the windshield and multiple combinations of materials in pots and frying pans.

Trangia stove 25 sets can be extended with a number of different of pots and pans, as well as cases, multi-discs, and other useful accessories.

25-5 HA (Hardanodized ultralight aluminium)

Tech Specs

  • Size (people): 3-4
  • Windshield: HA
  • Pot inner: 1.5 L NS
  • Pot outer: 1.75 L NS
  • Frypan (Ø): 220 mm NS
  • Kettle: No
  • Handle: Yes
  • Strap: 68 cm
  • Burner: Spirit Burner
  • Fuel: Spirit
  • Effect (w): 1000
  • Weight: 905 g
  • Made in Sweden



John E Jonsson, despite hailing from a farming family, had a strong interest in technology and design from a young age.

He co-founded the company, which later became Sweden’s top provider of outdoor stoves, with his father-in-law. Initially producing household pots for farmers and workers, the Swedish holiday reform in 1938 sparked a surge in camping equipment demand. Seizing the opportunity, John developed an outdoor cooking stove, and his sons, Olle and Eric, joined the venture.

In 1951, they launched the first Trangia stove prototype, a comprehensive cooking system with a liquid fuel burner, pot, and windshield. Trangia has since become a prominent brand in the outdoor industry, serving generations of scouts, hikers, and enthusiasts worldwide. These stoves are still produced in Trångsviken, northern Sweden.