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Ticket-To-The-Moon Moon-Tarp (Green)


When your hammock is insufficient to protect you from wind, rain, and harsh sunshine, the Moontarp steps in to offer an additional layer of protection.

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Product Description

Ticket-To-The-Moon MoonTarp Hammock Tarp

When it is raining or the sun is too bright, the Hammock Tarp is the ideal accessory.
The new Ticket-To-The-Moon Hammock Tarp, whether used alone or in conjunction with your Ticket-To-The-Moon hammock, allows you to enjoy outdoor activities even in humid conditions or when the sun is too hot.

When your hammock isn’t enough, a Moontarp Hammock Tarp can provide an extra layer of protection. Wind, rain, and direct sunlight are all common sources of discomfort while hiking. Even if your campsite isn’t in the most pleasant setting, your tarp will help you extend your trip. The Moontarp Hammock Tarp, made of ripstop, lightweight, and waterproof nylon tarpaulin, drapes completely over your hammock to provide shelter. It also functions as a capable cover on its own.

The Hammock Tarp was created to cover any of the Ticket-To-The-Moon hammocks (except the Mammock and Honey Moon hammocks), but it can also be used on its own or in conjunction with most other hammocks. This hammock tarp, made entirely of polyester-treated ripstop nylon, provides dependable weather protection, and the ergonomic drip lines (12m2) keep you and your hammock dry.

When not in use, the Hammock Tarp can be easily packed into its own integrated stuff sack for transport and storage. Its quick release tension buckles can be stored in corner pockets, which was designed with usability in mind. Four rei forced and sealed tie-out eyelets add flexibility. The compatibility with various poles and cords allows you to create your ideal setup.

How to Use:

  • Use cords from the same trees as your hammock to release the opposite buckles and lark’s head, and place them below the hammock suspension.
  • To straighten the tarp, reattach the buckles and adjust the tension.
  • To secure the remaining corners, use the Y-pegs. Use rope to secure the four eyelets, minimizing tarp movement.
  • To keep water away from your hammock, make sure all ropes and cords are hanging downward.
    Note: Using poles or sticks with eyelets allows you to easily set up in porch mode.
  • The Moonbag is the ideal storage companion for the Moontarp.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 248cm x 248cm, 350cm diagonally (8.1ft x 8.1ft, 11.5ft diagonally)
  • Weight: 660g (1.5lbs)
  • Material: 210T polyurethane-coated, ripstop nylon
  • Ridge line loops carrying capacity: 5 kg
  • Eight reinforced tie-out points (four with buckles) and two aluminum Y- pegs with tie-out slings
  • 10-year warranty



Ticket To The Moon

Ticket To The Moon is an independent camping manufacturer that has been operating in Bali, Indonesia, since 1996. As an ethical company, Ticket To The Moon thinks that it is more of a tribe than just a company: it not only develops and creates innovative and useful products, but also promotes different lifestyles.
The Ticket To The Moon foundation was founded by a notary in 2009.
Our main goal is to support the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in eastern Indonesia. It has developed health, education, cultural and development aid programs, and so far has successfully helped the local community build new infrastructure and training facilities, malaria prevention programs and access to clean water.
Ticket To The Moon offers its business partners and other interested parties the same opportunity to help these people as part of corporate responsibility programs and donations. A large part of the company's net income is still donated to the foundation.