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Ticket-To-The-Moon Convertible Bug Net 360°

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Mosquito Net Hammock Accessories to completely separates you from mosquitoes and other insects. Compatible with all hammocks that lack spreader bars. It fits gathered-end hammocks up to 360cm long, thanks to its generous length.

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Product Description

Ticket-To-The-Moon Convertible Bug Net 360°

The Ticket To The Moon Convertible Bug Net 360° is designed to fit around any hammock that does not have spreader bars for a mosquito-free sleep.

The Convertible Bug Net 360 keeps mosquitos and other insects at bay while remaining compact and lightweight. The net forms a protective barrier around you. This is especially important at night. Even when stationary, a convertible top opens and closes in an instant.

With over 200 openings per square centimeter, the Bug Net 360 has a double zipper and extra-fine mesh. Simply put, bugs cannot enter. We’ve tested this net successfully in malaria-infested areas, but we always recommend Permethrin repellent treatments. As a result, this accessory is essential for travelers venturing into the glove’s most dangerous corners.

This mosquito net completely covers your hammock and protects you from even the smallest biting insects. It is made of netting with 200 holes per cm2 and has a double zipper fastened with Velcro security.

This accessory is highly recommended for travelers and backpackers who want to take hammock camping to the next level. It has been tested in high malaria-risk zones.

Ready-to-use, simple setup with mini hook and rope set.

How to Use:

  • Install your suspension hammock.
  • Remove the net from the pouch and insert your arm through it.
  • Connect mini-biners to the hammock end loops.
  • Draw the hammock through the net.
  • Tighten the strings and insert the loose ends into the net.
  • Unzip the top to the desired position.
  • Close the zipper on the hammock.
  • Inside, thighen the top line.
  • Have fun with your Convertible Bug net 360!

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 300cm x 130cm (9.8ft x 4.3ft)
  • Netting density: 200 holes per cm² (1,296 per in²)
  • Weight: 485g (1.1lbs)
  • Material: 100% polyester, washable at 30ºC (86ºF)
  • 10-year warranty
  • 4x tie-out loops



Ticket To The Moon

Ticket To The Moon is an independent camping manufacturer that has been operating in Bali, Indonesia, since 1996. As an ethical company, Ticket To The Moon thinks that it is more of a tribe than just a company: it not only develops and creates innovative and useful products, but also promotes different lifestyles.
The Ticket To The Moon foundation was founded by a notary in 2009.
Our main goal is to support the Sumbanese Kodi tribe in eastern Indonesia. It has developed health, education, cultural and development aid programs, and so far has successfully helped the local community build new infrastructure and training facilities, malaria prevention programs and access to clean water.
Ticket To The Moon offers its business partners and other interested parties the same opportunity to help these people as part of corporate responsibility programs and donations. A large part of the company's net income is still donated to the foundation.