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Tatonka Dry Sack Bag 80L


Maximize storage with Tatonka’s 80-liter dry bag, a robust solution crafted from recycled polyester (reTex Cover Eco). Designed with taped seams and roller shutter, it ensures superior protection for your gear against environmental elements.

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Product Description

High-Capacity & Eco-Friendly Tatonka Dry Bag: Your 80-Liter Storage Solution for Outdoor Expeditions

Set forth on your journey with Tatonka’s 80-liter dry bag, epitomizing the resilience and freedom associated with the sacred bison in Sioux culture. This high-capacity bag is crafted from sustainable recycled polyester (reTex Cover Eco) and serves as a shield for your clothes and equipment against water, snow, dust, and dirt. Its taped seams and roller shutter enhance its durability, providing unmatched protection that ensures your essentials remain secure and dry, no matter the weather conditions.

Each Tatonka product carries a promise of quality and sustainability, and this dry bag lives up to that promise. Created in Tatonka’s rigorously controlled “Open Factory” facilities in Vietnam, each product undergoes stringent safety and strength tests. This bag underscores Tatonka’s commitment to creating equipment that not only withstands rigorous use but also minimizes environmental impact. Whether you’re planning an extensive outdoor adventure or embarking on a marine voyage, Tatonka’s 80-liter dry bag combines ample storage, durability, and ecological responsibility, solidifying its status as a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Tech Specs

  • Dry bag / dry sack 80L
  • Size: Ø 37 x 96 cm
  • Empty weight: 170g
  • Material: reTex Cover Eco