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Tatonka Dry Sack Bag 18L


Keep your essentials safe with Tatonka’s lightweight Dry Bag, constructed from eco-friendly reTex Cover Eco recycled polyester. Enjoy 18 liters of volume with water, snow, dust, and dirt protection – perfect for camping, hiking, and boating.

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Product Description

Resilient & Eco-Friendly Tatonka Light Dry Bag: Your 18-Liter Storage Solution for Outdoor Adventures

Dive into your next adventure with the assurance of Tatonka’s light dry bag, a representation of nature, freedom, and strength. This 18-liter bag, ideal for hiking, camping, and boat trips, has been crafted to perfection with the ethos of the sacred bison – a symbol revered in Sioux culture. Constructed from durable recycled polyester (reTex Cover Eco), this eco-friendly bag guarantees the safety of your clothes and equipment by offering unrivalled protection from water, snow, dust, and dirt. Its taped seams and roller shutter bolster the bag’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, safeguarding your essentials even in the roughest terrains.

Each Tatonka product embodies a meticulous blend of quality and sustainability, and this dry bag is no exception. Manufactured in Tatonka’s “Open Factory” factories in Vietnam, the process is carefully controlled to ensure safety, strength, and adherence to eco-conscious practices. The bag is a testament to Tatonka’s commitment to creating products that not only withstand hard use but also respect the environment. Whether you’re navigating the wilderness or embarking on a marine voyage, Tatonka’s light dry bag offers the optimal balance of resilience, volume, and eco-responsibility, making it an indispensable companion for every outdoor enthusiast.

Tech Specs

  • Dry bag 18L
  • Size: Ø 24 x 34 cm
  • Empty weight: 70 g
  • Material: reTex Cover Eco