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Stormsure Zip Lubrica Oil 30 ml


Zipper oil is an odorless, food-grade lubricant for zippers. Apply small drops along the zipper’s length, then move the pull back and forth until the zipper glides smoothly.

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Product Description

Zipper Oil: Odorless, Food-Grade Lubricant for Smooth Zipper Operation

Zipper oil is a food-grade, odorless, and tasteless lubricant specifically designed for zippers.

How to Use Zipper Oil?

Distribute small drops of oil along the entire length of the zipper at equal intervals. Then, move the zipper pull back and forth across the entire length several times or until the zipper operates smoothly again.



Stormsure is a British company specializing in the production of repair adhesives and patching materials. It was founded by Robert Altham in 1998, driven by his disappointment with the available options in the market.

In 1998, Stormsure transitioned from plastic packaging to cardboard packaging. Previously, the company had manufactured all of its adhesives in aluminum tubes outside the United Kingdom, primarily in China. Presently, Stormsure operates alongside its sister company, Tubeworx, under the same roof, enabling the entire product manufacturing process to take place in one facility.