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The PackTach is a non-damaging attachment point for fabric, featuring a carabiner and plastic buckle. It’s perfect for creating loops or attachment points on items like tarps or backpacks.

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Product Description

PackTach: Versatile, Non-Damaging Fabric Attachment with Carabiner & Plastic Buckle

The PackTach is a versatile attachment featuring a carabiner hook and plastic buckle, allowing you to create attachment points on fabric without damage. Its applications include creating a loop on a backpack for a bottle, or an attachment point on a tarp. The plastic buckle is positioned inside the fabric, and the carabiner is inserted through the buckle holes.

Tech Specs

  • PackTach sold individually
  • Load capacity up to 18 kg (depending on the strength of the fabric)
  • Size of PackTach new parts: approx. 40 x 20 x 20 mm
  • Carabiner size: 2.5″