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Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive 15g Tube Clear


With a flexible and wear-resistant adhesive, you can bond almost anything with Stormsure Flexible Repair. You can use it to bond natural fibers, leather, rubber, and most synthetic materials. It works well for adhesives that need to achieve water or air tightness. You don’t need to start gluing right away because the glue doesn’t harden right away. The adhesive is very durable after drying.

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Product Description

Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive 15g Tube Clear

Flexible Stormsure Repair Adhesive is a very effective general-purpose adhesive that can also be used as a surface sealant. It is unique among adhesives in that it is incredibly flexible and stretchy after drying while remaining extremely strong. To make a surface waterproof, airtight, or abrasion resistant, the adhesive can be painted on top of it.

Adhesive bonds to almost any surface, including neoprene, rubber, leather, PVC, polyurethane, breathable and coated textiles, wood, metal, and others. It is great for fixing cracks in rubber wellington boots, loose soles, wader leaks, wetsuit tears, holes in tents and canopies, inflatable leaks and splits, and many more things. A tube of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive is a must-have for hikers, DIYers, fisherman, equestrians, hunters, divers, campers, surfers, sailors, engineers, and others!

Not suitable for the following materials: Polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon and silicone-treated materials

Tip: To speed up the drying of the glue, add a couple of drops of water to the glue. Store partly-used tubes in a deep freezer. Warm up to room temperature before use again.






Stormsure is a British company specializing in the production of repair adhesives and patching materials. It was founded by Robert Altham in 1998, driven by his disappointment with the available options in the market.

In 1998, Stormsure transitioned from plastic packaging to cardboard packaging. Previously, the company had manufactured all of its adhesives in aluminum tubes outside the United Kingdom, primarily in China. Presently, Stormsure operates alongside its sister company, Tubeworx, under the same roof, enabling the entire product manufacturing process to take place in one facility.