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Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over Set


This stainless-steel coffee maker comes with a stainless-steel filter and a matching Camp Mug for making the perfect cup. There is no need for paper filters, allowing you to provide your loved ones with environmentally friendly coffee-brewing equipment!

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Product Description

Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over Set

This package, which contains a Stanley thermos mug and a steel coffee filter that does not need filter papers, is perfect for the needs of coffee connoisseurs. You can make hot coffee wherever you are by carrying hot water with you in a Stanley thermos bottle or boiling water with a travel kettle. The packaging is also an excellent pick for a present.

A stylish stainless steel mug with a cover for even the most daring adventures. The vacuum insulation keeps the drink warm for 1.5 hours and keeps your lips from burning like traditional tin mugs. This mug, like all Stanley products, is BPA-free, and it can be washed in the dishwasher.

Features of the thermos mug:
Hot drink: 1.5 h
Cold drink: 3 h
Dimensions: 120 x 99 x 108 mm
Weight: 300 g

Stainless steel coffee filter for 1 to 6 cups. A measuring scale inside the filter, which allows you to get just the right strength of coffee. Also suitable for use with a thermos bottle.

Features of the coffee filter:
No separate filter paper is needed.
Can be washed in a dishwasher.




The Stanley Bottle Company was founded in 1913 and its head office is located in Seattle, USA. It has since been sold to the Chinese company HAVI.

The story of Stanley thermos bottles began in 1913, when inventor William Stanley Jr. invented combining the strength of steel with vacuum insulation and developed an all-steel travel bottle for hot drinks. The invention was the thermos bottle. The invention in question is still well used around the world both at work and outdoors. High-quality thermos bottles are very durable and the best last even from generation to generation. The Stanley product family has expanded since the development of the thermos bottle, so that today it also covers thermos mugs, drinking bottles and travel catering equipment such as coolers and food preparation equipment. Stanley thermos bottles have a 25-year warranty, which indicates the high quality of the product.

Stanley’s products are reusable and in that sense support sustainable development. The most durable products never need to be thrown away or replaced, and Stanley’s products have been developed with this principle in mind. Stanley has been creating Built For Life products for over 100 years. It reduces the demand for disposable products that end up in waste and water streams.

More durable products are those that never need to be thrown away or replaced. Stanley has been creating reusable Built For Life™ products for over 100 years, reducing the demand for single-use products that end up in waste and water streams.