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SPIbelt Kids Diabetic Belts


Secure and discreet solution for active children wearing insulin pumps or medical devices. Accommodates cords and infusion tubing, keeping devices close without tangling or bouncing. Trust SPIbelt for dependable and comfortable management of your child’s medical needs. Order now for worry-free activity!

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Product Description

SPIbelt Kids Diabetic Belts: Secure and Discreet Solution for Insulin Pumps and Medical Devices

Keep your child active and confidently manage their medical needs with SPIbelt Kids Diabetic Belts. Designed with feedback from parents, these belts provide a dependable and discreet way for children to stay physically active while wearing insulin pumps or similar-sized medical devices. The reinforced opening, discreetly placed behind the pocket, allows secure passage of infusion tubing and headphone cords through the patented pouch design. Perfect for carrying insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPens®, or CGMs, the Kids’ SPIbelt holds devices close to the body without tangling or bouncing. With SPIbelt, you can trust in a secure and comfortable solution that won’t ride or shift during vigorous activities. Choose SPIbelt Kids Diabetic Belts for peace of mind and worry-free play. Order yours today!

Note: “Snow Globe” fabric varies greatly in color and pattern, ensuring a unique belt that may not match the shown example.

Tech Specs

  • Bounce-free design for uninterrupted activity
  • Expandable, secure, and low-profile pocket for storing medical devices
  • Pass-through hole specifically designed for insulin pump tubing
  • Comfortable and soft elastic material to prevent chafing during wear
  • No logo on the elastic belt for a discreet look
  • Sturdy buckle and glides to withstand even the most active users
  • Pocket expands to 6.5″ x 3″ x 2″ for ample storage space
  • Fits waist size 18″ through 24″, suitable for children aged 2 to 10 years old on average



SPIbelt, short for Small Personal Item belt, manufactures belts designed for active sports and running. The company, founded by Kim Overton in 2006, produces its products in Texas.

SPIbelt offers a discreet and convenient way to carry essentials such as phones, keys, credit cards, and other small items while engaging in activities like running and outdoor pursuits.