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Smith´s Gray Edge Grip Knife Sharpener


The Gray Edge Grip is a compact and effective knife sharpener with a two-stage sharpening process. Its patented design ensures stability, while the non-slip rubber-coated base provides safety during sharpening.

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Product Description

The Gray Edge Grip is an efficient and user-friendly knife sharpener that can transform even the dullest knife into a razor-sharp tool. This two-stage sharpener features both a carbide and a ceramic sharpener. The carbide blade (Coarse) is designed to correct the blade angle of your kitchen knife and address any potential blade damage. The ceramic sharpener (Fine) completes the sharpening process, resulting in a finely honed edge.

Thanks to its patented design, the Edge Grip sharpener securely remains in place against the edge of a table. The sharpener’s base is coated with a non-slip rubber, ensuring safe sharpening on various flat surfaces.