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Smith’s Diamond Sharpener


A diamond-shaped stick with a pencil shape that can be used to sharpen all types of knives, including serrated. The handle contains a pocket clip that allows you to store your sharpener in a shirt pocket while keeping the sharpening stick inside the handle.

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Product Description

Smith's Diamond Sharpener

The unbreakable, diamond-coated steel rod is specifically made to sharpen all kinds of knives, even serrated. Sharpening is made quick and easy by using several layers of medium-grit monocrystallin diamonds while still maintaining the razor-sharp edge on your knives, tools, or hooks. The rod is adjustable for length and is reversible. It has a shirt pocket slip for easy storage and a sharpening groove for hooks. The tool is strong, portable, and lightweight.

  • Sharpening Groove for fishing hooks
  • Tapered diamond coated rod sharpens serrations
  • Half-round diamond coated rod sharpens straight edges
  • Aluminum housing protects the sharpening rod
  • Reversible rod stores in handle
  • Pocket clip for easy storage
  • Grit: Medium - Diamond 400 Grit