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Arc Zoom is a magnifier for the Arc Jet series. Compatible with Arc Jet, Jet S, 360, and Race Jet thumb compasses. For Jet C series, use Zoom C.

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Product Description

Arc Zoom: Magnifier for Arc Jet Series Compasses

Arc Zoom is a magnifier compatible with the Arc Jet series. It attaches easily to the baseplate and integrates with the compass. The Arc Zoom enhances map details and is suitable for Arc Jet, Arc Jet S, Arc Jet 360, and Race Jet thumb compasses. For Arc Jet C series, use Arc Zoom C.

  • Magnifier – improves the detail vision on the map
  • Fits Arc Jet, Arc Jet S, Arc Jet 360 and Race Jet thumb compasses
  • Fits both left and right handed compasses
  • Functional design that is well integrated with the compass

Tech Specs

  • User Level: Expert
  • Dimensions: 7.06x5.81x4.23 cm
  • IP Classification: Waterproof
  • Measuring Scales: [Data not provided]
  • Type of Compass: Magnifier



In 1933, Björn, Alvar, and Arvid Kjellström introduced the world’s first liquid-filled compass, marking the inception of the company. This pioneering compass not only represented a technological breakthrough but also established a global benchmark for navigation equipment. This pivotal moment gave birth to the Silva brand. A couple of years later, in 1935, the company expanded its product portfolio with the innovation of the Zeiler headlamp.

Today, the company primarily concentrates on three key product categories: sports, adventure, and professional applications. The company maintains an ongoing commitment to research and development, consistently enhancing its product offerings. This dedication to quality ensures that customers can rely on Silva’s products to enhance their outdoor experiences, making Silva a trusted companion for tomorrow’s adventures.