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Shimano J05A Resin Pad and Spring with Split Pin


J05A Resin pad.

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  • BR-M9000
  • BR-M9020
  • BR-M987
  • BR-M985
  • BR-M8100
  • BR-M8000
  • BR-M785
  • BR-M7100
  • BR-M7000
  • BR-M675
  • BR-M666
  • BR-M6100
  • BR-M6000
  • BR-M615
  • BR-S700
  • BR-RS785
  • BR-R785



Shimano, founded in Japan in 1921, is a globally recognized brand in cycling and fishing equipment. They are renowned for their precision-engineered components for bicycles, including gears, brakes, and drivetrains, with groupsets like Dura-Ace and Ultegra leading the industry. Shimano’s fishing division offers high-quality reels, rods, lines, and accessories. The brand is known for its commitment to innovation, with a focus on enhancing outdoor experiences for enthusiasts and professionals alike.