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Shimano Electric Wires (Di2 spec.) EW-SD50 for External Routing


The SD50 E-TUBE wire, ranging from 150 to 1600mm, powers E-TUBE DI2 drivetrains and transmits signals via its compact, waterproof “plug & gap” connection. It’s designed for easy frame insertion and includes a cable tie for built-in routing.

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Product Description

The SD50 E-TUBE wire, available in lengths ranging from 150 to 1600mm, plays a pivotal role in E-TUBE DI2 drivetrains, transmitting interactive signals and supplying power. The wire features a compact, waterproof connector and is easy to insert into the frame. This is all facilitated by its innovative “plug & gap” connection, allowing for a streamlined installation process. Additionally, the SD50 E-TUBE wire is suitable for internal routing in handlebars and frames. It also comes with a cable tie type designed specifically for built-in cable routing (EW-SD50-I), adding to its overall convenience and efficiency.

Tech Specs

  • Series: Shimano Steps E5000 Series
  • Remarks: Cable length ranges from 150mm to 1600mm (1600mm is for E-BIKE usage only)
  • Type: Designed for external routing
  • Compatible System: E-TUBE
  • SD50 Connectors: 2
  • Cord Diameter: 2.8mm
  • Plug Diameter: 5.1mm



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