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Shimano Electric Wires (Di2 spec.) EW-SD300 for External Routing


The SHIMANO E-TUBE Electric Wire SD300, designed for external routing, features a compact design for lighter components, offering potential for expanded future capabilities of DI2 systems.

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Product Description

The Shimano E-TUBE Electric Wire SD300 is specifically designed for external routing. It boasts a more compact design that reduces the size and weight of the new electric components, thereby enhancing the overall performance and user experience of the device. Moreover, the innovative design of the SD300 wire has the potential to expand the future capabilities of DI2 systems, paving the way for more advanced and versatile applications.

Tech Specs

  • Series: EP8 EP800 Series
  • Remarks: Cable length ranges from 150mm to 1600mm
  • Type: Designed for external routing
  • Compatible System: E-TUBE
  • SD300 Connectors: 2
  • Cord Diameter: 2.4mm
  • Plug Diameter: 3.45mm



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