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Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel Nylon


A strong yet lightweight pa strong yet lightweight pocket trowelocket trowel.

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Product Description

Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel Nylon

A lightweight and small hiking trowel, the Nylon 66 Pocket Trowel is strengthened for added durability. It is the perfect tool for upholding Leave No Trace ethics in the outdoors since the handle retracts inside the blade to save space in your backpack. Its maximum length equals the bare minimum depth of the “cathole” you should dig.

  • Strong, ultralight glass -reinforced nylon 66
  • Compact, collapsible carry anywhere design
  • Storage space in handle for lighter or toilet paper
  • Withstands extremely cold temperatures

Tech Specs

Materials: Glass-reinforced Nylon 66


Sea To Summit

Sea to Summit began in 1983 when Roland Tyson, a young outdoor enthusiast, started making lightweight outdoor products on an antique sewing machine in his bedroom in Perth, Western Australia. By 1991, after outfitting the first ascent of Mt. Everest, Sea to Summit was born.

Roland's passion and talent for creating cutting-edge outdoor equipment took him to the remote Australian outback and eventually the Himalayas, where he put his inventions to the ultimate test. In 1993, Penny Sanderson joined Sea to Summit, bringing her passion for exploration and innovation. They traveled extensively, testing products and iterating on designs.

Today, Sea to Summit is a successful global brand, with Penny and Roland's love of travel and design as the foundation. They still own and manage the company and are involved in everything from developing materials to delivering high-quality gear to customers around the world.