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Sea To Summit Hydraulic Drybag Harness

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The Hydraulic Dry Bag is an extremely heavy-duty dry bag that is excellent for whitewater and overland adventures because of its high tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

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Product Description

600D TPU-Laminated Waterproof Bag: Durable & Cold-Resistant with Adjustable Carrying System

The bag is made from 600D TPU-laminated material that is waterproof and effective in low temperatures. It features a hip belt designed for carrying heavy loads. The roll-up closure ensures items stay dry and secure. Other details include waterproof taped seams, durable aluminum buckles, and an adjustable back length in its carrying system.

  • A gladiator of waterproof backpacks that will be your best transport buddy
  • The shoulder straps are comfortable and quick-drying EVA foam and mesh material
  • The TPU-laminated waterproof and sturdy fabric is high-performance and wear-resistant.
  • The backpack is made of material that is resistant to strong UV light and severe frosts
  • Hip strap (35L) or hip belt (65-120L) takes the weight of the backpack off your shoulders
  • Roll-up mouth opening with an innovative closing mechanism that is reliable and waterproof
  • Welded, waterproof seams
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum buckles
  • The length of the back and the height of the chest strap are adjustable
  • The fastening loops are designed to be flat so that they do not catch on anything when the carrying harness is not attached
  • Thanks to the oval base, the bag does not start to roll
  • Sturdy fastening links
  • The carrying harness is easy to attach and detach, the instructions are printed on the back of the sack
  • 65L and larger models have a padded hip belt

Tech Specs

35 L

  • Net weight: 1340 g
  • Total weight with packaging: 2260 g
  • Package dimensions:
    • Height: 630 mm
    • Length: 80 mm
    • Width: 280 mm
  • Product dimensions:
    • Height: 330 mm
    • Length: 700 mm
    • Width: 210 mm

65 L

  • Net weight: 1320 g
  • Total weight with packaging: 1340 g
  • Package dimensions:
    • Height: 750 mm
    • Length: 80 mm
    • Width: 300 mm
  • Product dimensions:
    • Height: 380 mm
    • Length: 850 mm
    • Width: 250 mm

90 L

  • Net weight: 1520 g
  • Total weight with packaging: 1640 g
  • Package dimensions:
    • Height: 750 mm
    • Length: 80 mm
    • Width: 350 mm
  • Product dimensions:
    • Height: 420 mm
    • Length: 1000 mm
    • Width: 300 mm



Sea To Summit

Sea to Summit began in 1983 when Roland Tyson, a young outdoor enthusiast, started making lightweight outdoor products on an antique sewing machine in his bedroom in Perth, Western Australia. By 1991, after outfitting the first ascent of Mt. Everest, Sea to Summit was born.

Roland's passion and talent for creating cutting-edge outdoor equipment took him to the remote Australian outback and eventually the Himalayas, where he put his inventions to the ultimate test. In 1993, Penny Sanderson joined Sea to Summit, bringing her passion for exploration and innovation. They traveled extensively, testing products and iterating on designs.

Today, Sea to Summit is a successful global brand, with Penny and Roland's love of travel and design as the foundation. They still own and manage the company and are involved in everything from developing materials to delivering high-quality gear to customers around the world.