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The Savotta Jääkäri S is a versatile and durable daypack with a 20-liter capacity, perfect for outdoor, travel, and everyday use.

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Product Description

Savotta Jääkäri S Daypack: 20L Capacity and PALS Attachment Webbing

The Savotta Jääkäri S daypack is the smallest daypack in the Jääkäri family, with a capacity of approximately 20 liters. Despite its size, it is highly versatile and suitable for outdoor activities, travel, and everyday use. The slim and compact design, combined with low profile shoulder straps, offers unhindered movement in cramped spaces and difficult terrain.

The pack features a simple lid system that creates a secure seal when closed. A zippered pocket inside the lid provides safe storage for small items such as wallets, keys, travel documents, and phones. The closure system and side compression straps allow for adjustability to the volume of the pack. The Jääkäri S capacity can be adjusted from 20 to 30 liters, depending on how you fold the top lid.

The pack also has a hydration compartment attached to the interior back wall, with tube ports on both sides to allow routing of the hydration tube from the left or right. The low profile shoulder straps are made from 40mm wide webbing, with ladderlock buckles in the bottom corners of the bag for adjustment. The 25mm webbing on top of the shoulder straps allows you to attach sternum straps, hydration tubes, and other accessories.

Made from military-grade materials, including extremely wear-resistant 1000D Cordura and strong polyester webbing, the Jääkäri S is durable and built to last. It features PALS attachment webbing on the sides and lid, allowing for the attachment of additional pouches and gear, and can be rolled up for easy carrying inside a larger backpack. It comes with a 5-year material and workmanship warranty and is made in Finland, Estonia, or Poland.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 25 x 45 x 16 cm (W x L x D)
  • Main material: 1000D Cordura (100% polyamide)
  • Webbing: 100% polyester
  • Weight: 775 g




Finn-Savotta was founded in 1955 and designs and manufactures high-quality equipment for demanding professional and recreational use in challenging environments. The company specializes in personal load transport equipment and support systems, offering a product range that includes small accessories, backpacks, various sleeping gear, and specialized tents. Its headquarters is located in Karstula, Finland, and its production facility is situated in Tartu, Estonia.

Savotta has maintained a collaborative relationship with the Finnish Defense Forces for over 50 years. The company’s products are available in retail, B2B, and professional markets, serving a diverse customer base that includes outdoor enthusiasts, humanitarian aid organizations, as well as military and law enforcement agencies, both domestically and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the Jääkäri S daypack?

The Jääkäri S daypack has a capacity of approximately 20 liters.

Is the Jääkäri S daypack suitable for outdoor and everyday use?

Yes, the Jääkäri S daypack is highly versatile and well-suited for outdoor, travel, and everyday use.

Can additional pouches and gear be mounted to the Jääkäri S daypack?

Yes, the Jääkäri S daypack features PALS attachment webbing that offers many options for mounting additional pouches and gear to the outside of the pack.

Is there a hydration compartment in the Jääkäri S daypack?

Yes, the Jääkäri S daypack has an attached hydration compartment on the interior back wall.

What is the material used in the Jääkäri S daypack?

The main material used in the Jääkäri S daypack is 1000D Cordura, which is a highly wear-resistant polyamide material. The webbing is 100% polyester.

Is the Savotta Jääkäri S backpack waterproof or do I need to use a rain cover?

The main material used for the Savotta Jääkäri S backpack is 1000D Cordura, which is water repellent and coated with polyurethane on the inside. While the fabric is technically waterproof, water can still seep in through seams and stitchlines, so the backpack is not 100% waterproof. We recommend using a rain cover in heavy rain to protect your belongings.

I just received my new Savotta Jääkäri S backpack and noticed tiny holes on it, what are they for?

The small holes you see on your backpack are likely hot cloth drill marks used for marking attachment points for webbing or other details during the production process. These drill holes do not affect the quality or functionality of the backpack in any way.