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Salon Mosquito Hat


Hat and mosquito net conveniently together. Durable and matte net with very good visibility.

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Product Description

Salon Mosquito Hat

Hat and mosquito net conveniently together. The mosquito net is stored in a pocket on the top of the hat. The net is opened over the hat and the loops are worn under the armpits. After use, the mosquito net can be easily packed back into the hat pocket. The hat is perfect for outdoor activities even without the use of a mosquito net.

Tech Specs

Salon mosquito hat 100% cotton and mosquito net 100% polyester
Net length 50cm
S/M = 56 cm
L/XL = 60 cm



Salon Lakkitehdas is a Finnish family-owned company led by Ville Nuutinen. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Sastamala. Salon offers a wide range of hats and caps for both men and women.
The company promotes responsible consumer behavior by extending the lifespan of their products and enhancing their quality. They utilize ecological recycling materials and production methods in the manufacturing of their products.