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The map’s material is totally waterproof, can be folded infinitely, and does not tear during regular use. Cold and heat don’t affect the properties. The map is softer to the touch than paper maps.

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Karttakeskus Sallatunturi

A complete hiking route and rest sites have already been created in the newly created Salla National Park. In the winter, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, winter cycling, and winter walking are all available in the close neighborhood of the Sallatunturi tourist center. There are even more remote areas of the park where you can create your own hiking routes. The UKK hiking route passes through the area, and the map shows the section from Hautajärvi to Sallatunturi, known as the Topsakantaipale, as well as the route’s extension to northern Aatsinki. The outdoor map includes the battery of the national park, as well as the church villages of Salla and Aatsinki in the north, the Russian border in the east, and the northern starting point of Karhunkierros to Hautajärvi in the south.



Karttakeskus is a specialized brand within the Tapio Group, focusing on maps and cartography.
Karttakeskus is renowned for its classics, including GT maps, outdoor maps, reference books, and Loisto navigation software, all of which have established themselves as leading resources in their respective fields.
The Tapio Group is actively engaged in responsible business practices, actively promoting sustainability and measures aimed at addressing climate change. The company’s operations are characterized by a deep respect for environmental values, biodiversity, and the significance of forests in the lives of the Finnish people.