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Nordic For You Sahinaho Erämaan Hunaja 140g

Honey from Kulha’s wilderness, which is removed from yards, fields, and gardens, has been collected by wilderness honey bees. You can taste the unique aroma of the lac bog plants in the honey.

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Sahinaho Erämaan Hunaja 140g

Sahinaho Honey Farm has been involved in beekeeping and honey production since 1984. Beekeeping is a rewarding activity that connects people with nature, both as a hobby and a profession. Even with a small number of beehives, it is possible to produce enough honey to sustain your own farm. By caring for the bees, you also get to witness the fascinating world of bees and experience nature’s own cycle.

Sahinaho is known for its award-winning honeys, including species honeys sourced from the wilderness and city honey harvested from the groves of Jyväskylä. The species honey is made in Saarijärvi and features a combination of forest flowers such as lingonberry, blueberry, and heather, as well as field plants like clover and dandelion. They also produce wilderness honey, which comes from honeycombs located in marsh plants. The bees collect nectar from a diverse range of plants in the city, specifically in the surroundings of Jyväskylä’s Kankaa area.

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Nordic For You is a brand established by Crenocon in 2007. The company specializes in producing products made from locally sourced natural ingredients for the health and beauty of both humans and animals.
Nordic For You is committed to reducing carbon emissions through sustainable cultivation practices and minimizing transportation distances. They prioritize recycling and utilize bioenergy in the drying process of their plants. The company also leverages digital tools such as BioERP and other platforms across all aspects of their operations.