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River Signals Card


The most important paddling signals in one view on a clear, handy, and robust card. Graphically illustrated and with brief explanations. Ideal for taking with you and agreeing on signs with your paddling partners.

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Product Description

River Signals Card

The most important river signals are always nearby!

It is critical to communicate clearly. When paddling, where verbal communication is often difficult or impossible, hand signals and nonverbal signals are essential, and mastering them is even more important. It is especially helpful for beginners to remember the signals quickly and to be able to agree on them with paddling partners.

Because the waterproof card can be carried with you at all times while paddling, such as in or on your life jacket, the most important signals are always at hand with our card. The card is also strong enough to be fitted with and secured with an eyelet (using a standard hole punch).

The card depicts the most important paddling signals, which can be memorized ahead of time or checked quickly. Before using them, you must first agree on them with your paddling partners.
The following are the most important signals:

  • Whistle blasts for attention and emergency
  • “OK to go!” – Clean way, follow the line ahead 
  • “Avoid this way!” – Do not follow, wait (for further signals)
  • “Go there!” (positive directional information)
  • “Stop!” 
  • “You okay? I’m okay!” (Check)
  • “Paddle hard, speed up!”
  • “Keep distance, slow down!”
  • “Eddy out!”
  • “Scout!”
  • “Portage!”

Tech Specs

Material: Synthetic paper

Size: 14 x 9 cm

Characteristics: waterproof, wipeable, tear-resistant, scratch-resistant, with rounded corners

Languages: bilingual (EN/DE)



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