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The REX Brass Brush is a type of ski and snowboard waxing brush that is used in the process of preparing the base of the ski or snowboard for waxing. The brass bristles are relatively stiff and help to remove dirt, old wax, and other contaminants from the base of the ski or snowboard, allowing the new wax to better adhere to the surface.

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REX Brass Brush

The REX Brass Brush is typically used after using a softer nylon brush to remove any loose debris from the base of the ski or snowboard. The brass brush is then used in a series of passes along the length of the ski or snowboard until the entire surface has been thoroughly cleaned. Start the brushing phase by opening up the base structure with a few gentle strokes from tip to tail after scraping off hard waxes like black or green. It can also be used to clean the ski base in combination with Rex Remover or on its own.


Rex is a leading manufacturer of ski waxes globally. This Finnish family-owned company was established in 1952, with its first product being the official torch ignition for the Helsinki Olympics. Rex’s ski waxes are currently produced in Hartola, Finland.

Rex continuously develops and tests its waxes in collaboration with some of the world’s best skiing teams. New products are developed and rigorously tested by professionals before they are made available to the public. Rex’s waxes have played a significant role in securing numerous prestigious medals in international competitions across the globe.