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Red Paddle Titan II SUP Pump


The Titan II Pump is the first purpose-built, double chamber SUP pump in the world. It is designed to reduce the time and effort needed to inflate your board in half.

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Product Description

Red Paddle Titan II SUP Pump

The revolutionary Titan II pump from Red Paddle Co. has been completely reimagined and re-engineered for 2021. Improved fixtures and fittings increase its durability, and a 30% reduction in packaged size makes packing much easier.

The pump now has a built-in switch in the chamber isolation valve, a double-ended bayonet hose for connecting to the pump, and a new air box design. The boards are additionally made simpler to inflate by an integrated pressure gauge and a 90-degree change in standing position. Because constant innovation has allowed us to push the limits of inflation technology, there is nothing quite like the Titan II pump on the market.

  • With twin chamber technology, inflating your board takes much less time and effort.
  • Pumps out air at 60 mph to ensure quick and stronger inflation
  • When inflating to a high PSI, the isolation cap enables switching to a single pump.
  • Disassembly is designed for easy maintenance and part replacement.
  • While inflating, the pressure gauge on top provides an accurate PSI reading.
  • Multiple uses for various inflatables, including air beds
  • Decreasing effort
  • Kites and boats



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Founded in 2008 on the scenic South Devon coast, Red Paddle Co has a compelling mission: to inspire more people to experience the joys of being on the water. The company has since become a renowned name in the world of outdoor water sports, excelling in the creation of top-tier inflatable paddleboards and high-quality outdoor gear. This achievement is thanks in part to the unwavering support of their dedicated global community of enthusiasts.

At the helm of Red Paddle Co is its founder, John Hibbard, whose vision and passion have driven the brand’s success. Under his leadership, Red Paddle Co has not only focused on crafting exceptional inflatable paddleboards but has also expanded its product range to include premium outdoor equipment.

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