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The PRO Team mini shock pump, designed to enhance the sports bike experience, provides precise shock absorber pressurization. With a digital precision gauge, a pressure relief valve, and compatibility with Schrader suspension valves, it delivers up to 11 bar/160 PSI and weighs only 167 grams.

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Product Description

The PRO Team’s mini shock pump provides meticulous pressurization for shock absorbers. Crafted to enhance the experience of sports bike riders, this mini pump is PRO’s most precision-driven model to date. It features a digital precision gauge with a 2% accuracy level, along with a pressure relief valve for detailed adjustment of spring pressure. The pump’s ball head design, compatible with Schrader suspension valves, allows for a secure connection to the rear shock absorber or suspension fork via a user-friendly flexible connector. Despite delivering a maximum pressure of 11 bar/160 PSI, this mini pump weighs a mere 167 grams.



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