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Park Tool Ratcheting Click-Type Torque Wrench TW-6.2 10-60Nm


The TW-6.2 is a high-quality ratcheting click-type torque wrench designed for higher torque settings on bicycle components. Accurate and compatible with all Park Tool sockets, bits, and crow feet, it comes with its own protective case.

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Product Description

Given the rise in lightweight components and specific torque requirements on bicycles, a reliable torque wrench has become indispensable for every mechanic. The TW-6.2, a superior ratcheting click-type torque wrench, measures and delivers the correct amount of torque to threaded fasteners with accuracy. It is specifically designed for higher torque settings that are common on components like bottom brackets, cassette lockrings, and crank bolts. It features a 3/8″ drive, making it compatible with all Park Tool sockets, bits, and crow feet. For safekeeping and transport, it is accompanied by its own protective case.

Tech Specs

  • Torque range: 10 to 60 Newton meters (88 to 530 inch-pounds)
  • Adjustability: Increments of 0.25 Nm
  • Drive: Ratcheting 3/8″
  • Functionality: Reads and registers torque values for both left and right hand threading
  • Accuracy: Calibrated to be accurate to within +/- 4%
  • Length: 362 mm (14.25″)

NOTE: Torque wrenches serve as measurement tools and are not designed for general-purpose ratcheting. The TW-6.2 should not be used beyond 60 Nm.




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