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The BKM-1 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit, designed for daily commercial use, services most mineral oil-based hydraulic bicycle disc brakes. The kit, with its replaceable parts available from Park Tool, includes two syringes, hoses with shutoff clips, multi-size bleed blocks, a bleed funnel, and a syringe mount, all housed in a robust storage case.

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Product Description

The BKM-1 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit is compatible with most mineral oil-based hydraulic bicycle disc brakes, including those by Shimano®, Magura®, Clarks®, Promax®, Tektro®, and TRP®. The bleeding process efficiently removes air bubbles and contaminants from the braking system, ensuring lasting component life and optimal performance.

Built for the demands of daily commercial use, the BKM-1 offers two syringes, shutoff clip-equipped hoses, multi-size bleed blocks, a bleed funnel, and an innovative attachable syringe mount. It also features various hose fittings for diverse hydraulic bicycle brake system standards. All parts are replaceable and procurable from Park Tool. The kit is stored in a robust storage case.

Tech Specs

  • Two 20 mL syringes
  • Two hose assemblies with shutoff clips
  • One open-ended hose assembly
  • Bleed funnel with stopper
  • Two 10 mm/12 mm universal bleed blocks
  • Syringe holder
  • M5x0.8 adapters — Hayes® (x2)
  • M5x0.8 adapters — Formula™ Cura™ (x2)
  • M6x0.75 adapter— Magura®
  • M6x1.0 adapter — Universal (x2)
  • M6x1.0 adapter — Promax®
  • M7x0.75 adapter — Shimano®
  • Hose compression sleeve — Universal
  • Fluid disposal bag
  • Set of spare O-rings and hose
  • Replacement parts available
  • Brake fluid not included

NOTE: The BKM-1 is for mineral oil-based hydraulic bicycle brake systems only. DOT fluid and mineral oil should never be mixed in the brake system or in their respective service tools. Cross-contamination of brake fluid may cause seal failure which may result in brake failure. For brakes using DOT fluid use the Park Tool BKD-1 Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit – DOT.



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