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Origin Outdoors Paracord Lighter 4in1 30 m


Versatile paracord with fire cord, fishing line, and cotton thread; ideal for camping, hunting, and various outdoor uses.

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Product Description

Multi-Function Paracord: Essential for Camping, Hunting & Outdoor Activities

The paracord contains a red waxed fire cord, a yellow fishing line, a cotton thread, and seven internal three-layer cords. It can be cut and unravelled as needed. Suitable for outdoor activities such as camping and hunting, it offers versatile uses including tying tents, serving as a clothesline, securing luggage, boating applications, and even crafting bracelets, among other functions.

Tech Specs

  • Breaking load lengthwise 45,36 kN
  • Weight 250 g
  • Inner sleeve 7 white nylon strands, 1 red fire cord, 1 yellow fishing line, 1 white cotton thread
  • Outer cover nylon 550 LBS
  • Diameter 4 mm


Origin Outdoors

Origin Outdoors is a brand known for its outdoor adventure equipment and gear. Their product range includes essentials like flashlights, rainwear, sleeping bags, blankets, and camping tools, all designed to enhance the outdoor experience. While further details about the brand may be available through their official channels, Origin Outdoors is recognized for catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and offering quality, durable, and functional solutions for various outdoor activities. January 2022, it appears to be associated with the German outdoor equipment specialist, Relags importer.

With a focus on enhancing the convenience and enjoyment of outdoor adventures, Origin Outdoors may also emphasize eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their product offerings. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about their products, it’s recommended to visit their official website or consult their authorized retailers.