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OAC XCD BC 160 with EA 2.0 Binding


The OAC XCD BC 160 Ski with EA 2.0 Binding offers versatile touring performance, combining downhill prowess with stability and flotation. With a broader width, larger skin area, and stiffer camber profile, it’s the ultimate choice for all-terrain exploration.

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Product Description

OAC XCD BC 160 Ski with EA 2.0 Binding: Versatile and Stable Touring Performance

The OAC XCD BC 160 Ski with EA 2.0 Binding brings together the best of both worlds: the downhill performance of a ski and the stability and flotation of a skishoe. This newest addition to the XCD lineup strikes the perfect balance between the XCD GT and the KAR models, offering exceptional versatility and performance.

With a broader width, proportionally larger skin area, and stiffer camber profile, the BC 160 is specifically designed for touring. It provides optimal stability and floatation, allowing you to explore various terrains with confidence. Whether you’re tackling challenging slopes or enjoying backcountry adventures, the BC 160 offers unmatched versatility and stability.

Experience the ultimate touring performance with the OAC XCD BC 160 Ski with EA 2.0 Binding. Unlock new possibilities and push your limits with this versatile and stable touring ski. Choose the OAC XCD BC 160 and elevate your skiing experience to new heights.

Tech Specs

  • OAC Braid box construction
  • Compression-resistant elastic foam core
  • Patented OAC Unicoat skibase*
  • ABS reinforcements in base tip and tail
  • Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin
  • ALU/GF reinforcement at binding area
  • Steel edges
  • Weight 1200 g w/o binding
  • Length 160 cm
  • Width 131-100-122 mm
  • Made in Finland by OAC Tech
  • *PATENTED US 9,308,431 PATENTED EP 2898930

 EA 2.0 Bindings

  • NNN 75 mm screw pattern
  • For boots sized from 24 to 38 cm in length






Established in 2008, OAC is a Finnish family-owned business specializing in outdoor activities. They supply equipment, clothing, and gear to retailers, rental companies, and experience services. Their product range covers various outdoor activities, including climbing, trail running, cross-country skiing, free skiing, and ice skating. OAC represents their own products and international brands that align with their values of product development, innovation, quality, sustainability, and the use of recycled materials.

OAC’s products are manufactured in Saarikyl, Kangasa, with a focus on winter sports equipment like Skinbased skis, backcountry skiing snowshoes, OAC EA universal bindings, and OAC Skates. These products proudly bear the Finnish Avainlippu label. OAC also produces their own Skinbased sliding snowshoes and OAC Skates touring skates, both designed and manufactured in their Kangasa factory and awarded the Key Flag label. Their brand selection is driven by customer demands and the preferences of their knowledgeable outdoor sports enthusiasts who maintain long-term relationships within various sports communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OAC Braid box construction?

The OAC Braid box construction is a patented design feature that provides durability and strength to the ski. This construction utilizes a braided box pattern, enhancing torsional rigidity and allowing for efficient energy transfer and improved performance on the slopes.

What is the Mohair-mix skin used in the XCD BC 160?

The integrated Mohair-mix skin is a high-quality material that offers excellent grip and glide on various snow conditions. This skin provides reliable traction and smooth gliding performance, enhancing the overall skiing experience.

What is the NNN 75 mm screw pattern used in the EA 2.0 Bindings?

The NNN 75 mm screw pattern is a standardized binding mounting pattern commonly used in cross-country skiing. The EA 2.0 Bindings are designed to fit boots with this specific screw pattern, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cross-country ski boots.

What is the weight of the OAC XCD BC 160 ski without bindings?

The weight of the OAC XCD BC 160 ski without bindings is 1200 g. This lightweight construction allows for easy maneuverability, making it suitable for various skiing adventures.

What is the length and width of the OAC XCD BC 160 ski?

The OAC XCD BC 160 ski has a length of 160 cm and a width of 131-100-122 mm. This combination of length and width provides stability, versatility, and optimal performance across various snow conditions and terrains.