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OAC WAP 129 with EA 2.0 Binding


The OAC WAP 129 with EA 2.0 Binding offers stability and versatility for travel through deep snow and dense forests. Its short, wide, and cambered design ensures easy maneuverability, while composite edges make it pet-friendly. Experience maximum stability and a solid platform with the OAC WAP 129.

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Product Description

OAC WAP 129 with EA 2.0 Binding: Stable and Versatile for Deep Snow and Forest Travel

The OAC WAP 129 with EA 2.0 Binding is the ultimate companion for venturing through deep snow and dense forests. Its unique features, including its short length, wide profile, and lightly cambered design, make it the ideal choice for maneuvering in challenging terrain.

With an improved shovel design, the WAP 129 delivers exceptional float when needed, providing a stable and versatile platform for exploration. Additionally, the composite edges ensure compatibility for use around pets, adding to the convenience and practicality of this ski shoe.

Whether you are an experienced adventurer or a beginner looking for maximum stability, the OAC WAP 129 Ski Shoe with EA 2.0 Binding is designed to meet your needs. Experience the solid platform and versatility of the WAP 129 as you embark on exciting journeys through deep snow and dense forests. Choose the OAC WAP 129 for a ski shoe that delivers exceptional performance and stability in challenging terrain.

Tech Specs

  • OAC Braid box construction
  • Compression-resistant elastic foam core
  • Patented OAC Unicoat skibase
  • ABS reinforcements in base tail
  • Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin
  • ALU/GF reinforcement at binding area
  • Pet-friendly composite edges
  • Weight 970 g w/o binding
  • Length 129 cm
  • Width 137-120-129 mm
  • Made in Finland by OAC Tech
  • *PATENTED US 9,308,431 PATENTED EP 2898930

EA 2.0 Bindings

  • NNN 75 mm screw pattern
  • For boots sized from 24 to 38 cm in length






Established in 2008, OAC is a Finnish family-owned business specializing in outdoor activities. They supply equipment, clothing, and gear to retailers, rental companies, and experience services. Their product range covers various outdoor activities, including climbing, trail running, cross-country skiing, free skiing, and ice skating. OAC represents their own products and international brands that align with their values of product development, innovation, quality, sustainability, and the use of recycled materials.

OAC’s products are manufactured in Saarikyl, Kangasa, with a focus on winter sports equipment like Skinbased skis, backcountry skiing snowshoes, OAC EA universal bindings, and OAC Skates. These products proudly bear the Finnish Avainlippu label. OAC also produces their own Skinbased sliding snowshoes and OAC Skates touring skates, both designed and manufactured in their Kangasa factory and awarded the Key Flag label. Their brand selection is driven by customer demands and the preferences of their knowledgeable outdoor sports enthusiasts who maintain long-term relationships within various sports communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OAC Braid box construction?

The OAC Braid box construction is a patented design feature that provides durability and strength to the ski shoe. This construction utilizes a braided box pattern, enhancing torsional rigidity and allowing for efficient energy transfer during skiing.

What is the Mohair-mix skin used in the WAP 129?

The integrated Mohair-mix skin is a high-quality material that offers excellent grip and glide on various snow conditions. This skin provides reliable traction and smooth gliding performance, enhancing the overall skiing experience.

What are the pet-friendly composite edges?

The pet-friendly composite edges are designed to be more durable and resistant to scratches caused by contact with pets, making them suitable for use around animals. This feature ensures that the ski shoe maintains its performance and longevity.

What is the weight of the OAC WAP 129 ski without bindings?

The weight of the OAC WAP 129 ski without bindings is 970 g. This lightweight construction allows for easy maneuverability and minimizes fatigue, making it suitable for various skiing adventures.

What is the length and width of the OAC WAP 129 ski?

The OAC WAP 129 ski has a length of 129 cm and a width of 137-120-129 mm. This size is specifically designed to provide stability and agility in deep snow and dense forests, ensuring optimal performance in challenging terrain.