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The NRS Voss Knife is a versatile folding knife that transforms into a lock-blade knife with one-handed deployment. With smooth and serrated blade sections, a blunt safety tip, and a contoured handle, it offers convenience and functionality for water rescues. Attachable with a spring-steel clip, the Voss Knife is a reliable companion for quick access in critical situations.

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Product Description

NRS Voss Knife: Folding Convenience, Full-Size Functionality for Water Rescues

Experience the NRS Voss Knife, a reliable companion for water rescues that effortlessly transitions from a folded position to a fully functional lock-blade knife with just a flick of your wrist. This versatile knife is designed to offer the convenience of a folding knife while delivering the performance of a full-size rigid blade.

With its one-handed deployment and secure lock-open feature, the NRS Voss Knife ensures quick access and reliable operation during critical moments. The knife is equipped with smooth and serrated blade sections, allowing for efficient cutting of various materials encountered in rescue situations.

The Voss Knife’s blunt safety tip serves a dual purpose, also functioning as a flat screwdriver blade when needed. The contoured handle is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable grip, while keeping your fingers separated from the blade for added safety.

Featuring a spring-steel clip, the NRS Voss Knife can be easily attached to a pocket or the lash tab of your life jacket, ensuring it is always within reach when every second counts. The clip can be positioned on either side of the handle for enhanced convenience and accessibility.

Inspired by the captivating beauty of Voss, Norway, renowned for its cascading rivers and sparkling fjords, the NRS Voss Knife is designed to withstand the demands of water rescue scenarios while offering compact portability and reliable performance.

Elevate your water rescue preparedness with the NRS Voss Knife, the perfect fusion of folding convenience and full-size functionality for those who value safety and dependability on the water.

Tech Specs

  • Blade Material: 420 HC Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Glass-reinforced polypropylene with TPR over mold
  • Total Length: 6.75″ (17.1 cm)
  • Blade Length: 2.75″ (7 cm)
  • Weight: 3 oz (85 grams)
  • Blade Edge: Smooth and serrated
  • Blade Tip: Blunt
  • Features:
    • One-handed opening
    • Stainless steel clip




NRS, celebrating 50 years, was founded in 1972 by Bill Parks, a passionate river runner and business professor. With a $2,000 investment, he started with boating gear in his garage and created the first Northwest River Supplies catalog. Bill’s love for rivers, adventure, and helping others pursue their water passions continues to inspire the dedicated team, even after his passing at 88. Today, nearly 100 employee-owners are committed to carrying forward his vision, all driven by their shared love for water and adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the NRS Voss Knife be easily opened with one hand?

Yes, the NRS Voss Knife is designed for one-handed opening, allowing for quick and convenient access when needed during water rescues. This feature ensures that you can deploy the knife swiftly and efficiently, even in high-pressure situations.

What is the blade material of the NRS Voss Knife?

The blade of the NRS Voss Knife is made of 420 HC stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance and durability, making it suitable for use in wet environments.

What is the length of the NRS Voss Knife?

The NRS Voss Knife has a total length of 6.75 inches (17.1 cm). This compact size allows for easy carrying and storage, making it a convenient tool for water rescues.

Does the NRS Voss Knife have a serrated blade edge?

Yes, the NRS Voss Knife features both a smooth and serrated blade edge. This dual-edge design provides versatility, allowing for efficient cutting of different materials encountered during water rescues.

Is the NRS Voss Knife equipped with a blunt tip?

Yes, the NRS Voss Knife has a blunt tip. This design is intentionally incorporated to provide safety, reducing the risk of accidental punctures or injuries when using the knife in rescue situations.

Does the NRS Voss Knife come with a clip for attachment?

Yes, the NRS Voss Knife includes a stainless steel clip. This clip enables easy attachment of the knife to your gear, ensuring secure and accessible storage during water activities.