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Made from premium nylon-spandex with a DWR coating, these gloves repel water and retain dexterity. The 0.5 mm neoprene core offers light insulation, while the soft hydrophobic interior comforts bare skin. Enhanced grip comes from a silicone pattern. Easy wearability with stretchy cuff and snaps to pair.

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Product Description

NRS Men’s HydroSkin Gloves: Superior Grip and Lightweight Insulation for Paddling

Whether it’s the off-season or just an unseasonably cool day, the NRS Men’s HydroSkin Gloves deliver just the right amount of insulation to fend off the chill. Their straightforward, lightweight design not only enhances your grip while paddling but also ensures optimum comfort.

  • The gloves’ exterior is crafted from premium nylon-spandex, complete with a DWR coating, enabling it to repel water while maintaining dexterity.
  • With a 0.5 mm neoprene core, they offer lightweight insulation, ensuring your hands stay warm.
  • The interior is soft, smooth, and hydrophobic, providing a comfortable feel against bare skin.
  • The silicone pattern incorporated on the palm and fingers ensures an enhanced grip, even when wet.
  • These gloves also come with a simple, stretchy cuff for effortless wearing and pairing snaps, so you can keep them together conveniently.

Tech Specs

  • Weight: 85 g
  • Outer Layer: 6 oz premium nylon/spandex
  • Material: 0.5 mm HydroSkin®
  • Glove Use and Conditions: Insulating for Cool Conditions
  • Seams: Single needle with high tenacity thread
  • Taped Seams: No
  • Palm Material: Silicone palm pattern
  • Wrist Closure: Fitted cuffs

Size Charts

Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
XS 7.6 16.5
S 8.3 17.8
M 8.9 19.1
L 9.5 19.7
XL 10.2 20.3
XXL 11.4 21.6



NRS, celebrating 50 years, was founded in 1972 by Bill Parks, a passionate river runner and business professor. With a $2,000 investment, he started with boating gear in his garage and created the first Northwest River Supplies catalog. Bill’s love for rivers, adventure, and helping others pursue their water passions continues to inspire the dedicated team, even after his passing at 88. Today, nearly 100 employee-owners are committed to carrying forward his vision, all driven by their shared love for water and adventure.