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Nosht Zero Calorie Sports Drink Tablet


Experience hydration optimization with Nosht Zero Electrolyte Tablets. Perfect for workouts, adventures, or daily intake. Zero calories, loaded with electrolytes, easy to use. Stay refreshed, stay active!

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Product Description

Nosht Zero Electrolyte Tablets: Calorie-Free Hydration Optimized for Active Lifestyles

Optimized for Hydration. Calorie-Free. Experience supreme hydration with Nosht Zero Electrolyte Tablets. These BCAA-infused electrolyte tablets are designed to maintain your hydration levels throughout the day – ideal for intense workouts, trail adventures, or simply as a supplement to your daily water intake. Just drop a tablet in your bottle or glass and bask in the revitalizing hydration.

The product is essentially an effervescent tablet version of the beloved Endurance Drink Mix, but with zero calories. It offers a generous supply of electrolytes in a delightful flavor, paired with a hypotonic formula for rapid absorption. The blend of lime and cucumber flavors effortlessly complements the saline undertones of the drink, making it a refreshing beverage to savor throughout the day.

  • Contains 20 tablets, conveniently packaged in a tube.
  • Loaded with electrolytes and formulated with a hypotonic solution.
  • Ensures rapid absorption and is gentle on the digestive system.
  • Features a subtle lime and cucumber flavor, designed for easy consumption.
  • Completely free of calories and sugar. Naturally sweetened with stevia.
  • Enriched with magnesium, contributing to electrolyte balance, normal muscle function, and reducing tiredness and fatigue.
  • To use, simply dissolve one tablet in 300 to 750 ml of water.
  • For an added carbohydrate boost, dissolve the tablet in your favorite juice.

Tech Specs

  • Nutritional Value per Tablet:

    • Energy: 30 kJ (7 kcal)
    • Fat: 0g (0g Saturated)
    • Carbohydrates: 0.6g (0.5g Sugars)
    • Protein: 0.2g
    • Salt: 0.72g
  • Essential Elements:

    • Chloride: 219mg (27.4% of Daily Recommended Intake)
    • Magnesium: 28.1mg (7.5% of Daily Recommended Intake)
    • BCAA: 250mg



Nosht is a brand focused on promoting an active lifestyle through natural, gut-friendly nutrition. The Nosht community, known as ‘Noshters,’ shares a passion for staying active and enjoying a variety of flavors.
The diverse team includes founder Petteri Kankkunen, who was inspired to create Nosht after facing gut problems during long cycling trips. Kaisa Sali, a retired top triathlete and sports nutritionist, is also part of the team, bringing her expertise in helping athletes manage digestive issues through low-FODMAP diets.